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To my listeners - 

I am pleased to announce I have signed with Salem Communications, one of the nation’s biggest owners of talk radio stations. My radio show will return to the airwaves THIS Sunday, May 4, from 7 to 9 p.m. Eastern. 

It will air on New York’s 970 AM and can also be heard live online at

The new call-in number for the live show will be 1-877-970-2999

Stay tuned for more exciting developments…




Dear all of my loyal listeners:


It seems some of you may have missed my on-air announcement that last week’s Sunday night program was my final broadcast on 77 WABC.  Under new management, the station is moving in a very different direction, one that doesn’t make sense for the future of my show. I wish WABC much luck as it embarks on this new path. I will always be grateful to the station for launching my radio career.


I can tell you I will be back on the air in a few weeks and expect to be making an exciting announcement very soon.  Please remain patient and rest assured that you will be updated shortly with the new details.  In the meantime, be sure to follow KleinOnline for my daily articles.





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What is Obama’s end game for the U.S.? As Russia takes the Crimea, Obama shrinks the military while growing DHS and Big Government. Shock Christian persecution in Libya as rebels we supported now threaten the country’s democracy. Inside Obama’s controversial executive order to raise overtime pay. Meet the ‘illegal alien activist’ who held a meeting with the DHS Secretary this week. Leaked! the most recent version of John Kerry’s Mideast peace plan. And more!



Listen to the latest podcast 

Missile downed Malaysian Airlines flight? Interesting details. Inside the NYC horse-drawn carriages scandal, with new information on the sordid stable story. The latest on the Ukraine crisis. Plus, meet Obama’s ‘anti-Semitism czar.’ Pentagon admits chaplains from a Muslim Brotherhood group? Many jihad-related Islamic organizations behind military‚Äôs imam program.





Listen to the latest podcast

Zombie drivers? Shock effects of one of the most¬†prescribed drugs. Ambien expert from Kerry Kennedy drugged-driving fiasco comes on. As Russian troops take over Crimea former UN Ambassador John Bolton brings us the latest. Exposed: Hillary’s REAL role in Benghazi scandal. Israeli Defense Minister stops by to address rocketing plus latest John Kerry peace talks. Comic legend Jackie Mason on NYC gossip, Jay Leno departure and more!





Listen to the latest podcast:

Exclusive interview with Kathleen Willey, the White House aide who famously alleged Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her. Willey will take calls from the audience, too. 1-800-848-WABC. ¬†New information about the IRS’s ‘trusted partner’ and U.S. non-profits. Shocker: State pulled aircraft, special response team from Benghazi. ¬†Geopolitical earthquake: How Russia and China are filling the U.S. leadership vacuum. And more!




Listen to the latest podcast 

New IRS scandal? You wont believe who is agency’s ‘trusted partner’ in vetting nonprofits. Investigation into what our Special Forces were doing the night of the Benghazi attack. We’ll hear from elderly Jewish lady in a wheelchair stopped by TSA for reading conservative newspaper. Inside John Kerry’s latest specific plans for Israeli-Palestinian peace. Plus, former UN Ambassador John Bolton on Iran nuclear program and his possible 2016 presidential bid.




Listen to the latest podcast:

Greatest threat to U.S.: These 7,000 jihadists. Top 5 most shocking finds buried inside immigration bill. Former CIA chief comes on regarding Edward Snowden ‘help…’ from Russia. How NSA watchdog funded research on personal lives of reporters. Inside John Kerry’s latest delusional plans ‘Palestine.’ And more!




Listen to the latest podcast 

It’s coming: Plans for U.S. voting through Google, iPad, Tablet… One hour special investigation into Benghazi: Hear who refused to protect the fleeing Americans; shocker on who didn’t know about the existence of the U.S. Benghazi mission and more!  Another White House end run around Congress Р this one might bring Solyndra madness to your neighborhood.