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January 2014:

Politico – Jim Inhofe: Robert Gates wasn’t being honest

BuzzFeed – Republican Senator Slams Robert Gates For Not “Being Honest With The American People”

Mediaite – GOP Sen. Bashes Gates: He Waited Too Long to Be ‘Honest with the American People’

Daily Caller – Inhofe: ‘fewer and fewer’ senators believe in global warming

Newsmax: Inhofe: ‘Fewer and Fewer’ Senators Support Global Warming ‘Hoax’

Raw Story – Global warming denier Jim Inhofe: ‘Fewer and fewer’ senators believe in climate change ‘hoax’\

Newsmax – Inhofe: Gates Was Not ‘Honest’ With American People


December 2013: 

LINKED AT DRUDGE – Bizarre talkradio meltdown during NSA interview…

Russia Today – Radio station experiences major software meltdown during anti-NSA broadcast

BuzzFeed: Rand Paul On His Dad’s 2016 Prediction: “He’s One Step Ahead Of Where I Am”

Politico: Rand Paul: GOP ‘juggernaut’ in 2014


November 2013:

LINKED AT DRUDGE – Jackie Mason: Obama lying ‘maniac’…

Daily Caller – Jackie Mason: Obama a ‘liar’ who ‘should be locked up’

DC Examiner: Comic calls Obama a dangerous ‘liar’: He should be ‘in jail or in a sanitarium’

BuzzFeed – GOP Congressman Hands Out Copies Of Book Calling For Obama’s Impeachment

DC Examiner – GOP Rep. Stockman seeks special prosecutors for Obama

Politico – John Bolton starting foreign-policy PAC

Foreign Policy Magazine: Why John Bolton Makes Me Jolly

LINKED AT DRUDGE – Bolton: Israel must make ‘fateful decision’ on Iran strike

October 2013:

CBS – Inhofe: ‘Probably Wouldn’t Be Here’ If Obamacare Was In Place

MSNBC – What Inhofe doesn’t understand about Obamacare

Mediaite – GOP Sen. Inhofe: Obamacare Could Have Killed Me

Huffington Post – Jim Inhofe: I ‘Probably Wouldn’t Be Here’ If I Was Insured Under Obamacare

UPI – Sen. Jim Inhofe ‘probably wouldn’t be here if we had socialized medicine in  America’

Mother Jones – No, Sen. Inhofe, Obamacare Would Not Have Killed You

Washington Times – Sen. James Inhofe: I would’ve died had Obamacare run my surgery

Newsmax – Inhofe: I Would Have Died Under Obamacare During Surgery

Raw Story – Inhofe: Obamacare would have killed me because of ‘my age’

BuzzFeed – Republican Senator Says Obamacare Would Have Killed Him

Talking Points Memo – Sen. Jim Inhofe: Obamacare Might Have Killed Me

Opposing Views – Sen. Jim Inhofe: Obamacare Would Have Killed Me

WND – Senator: Obama opened U.S. to Iran missile danger

DC Examiner -Obama DHS adviser warns of reporter displaying ‘Jewish demeanor’

BuzzFeed – Rand Paul: Tie Debt Ceiling To Raising Age For Social Security And Medicare

Politico – John Bolton: Hillary Clinton’s security issues

Daily Caller – Rep. Stockman gives all House members a book on impeachment

May 2013

Politico – James Inhofe fires back at David Letterman

Fox News – Senator: DHS Trying to ‘Dry Up’ Ammo Supplies

Real Clear Politics – Sen. Inhofe: Obama Administration Trying To “Dry Up” Ammo Supply

The Daily Caller – Inhofe: Obama administration trying to ‘dry up’ ammo supply

Newsbusters – Inhofe Strikes Back at Letterman: When People Like Him Attack You It Means  You’re Winning

WND – Inhofe: DHS ammo grab to ‘dry up’ supply


March 2013:

Buzzfeed – Rand Paul Will Stall Brennan Even Without A Filibuster

The New American – Sen. Rand Paul: Is Obama Administration Hiding Arms Trade to Jihadists?

WND – Rand Paul: Obama in guns-to-jihadists cover-up?

WND – Hamas steps up threats on Obama’s Israel trip

The Jewish Press – Rand Paul questions Benghazi ‘cover up’

What motivates reporter, radio host Aaron Klein?

February 2013:

Buzzfeed – Republican Senator: Hagel’s Republican “Label” Will Help Obama “Destroy America”

January 2013:

Politico – Rand Paul: GOP must “evolve and adapt”

RealClearPolitics – Rand Paul: GOP Must “Evolve And Adapt” Or Be A Permanent Minority

Mediaite – Rand Paul: GOP must ‘adapt’ or risk becoming ‘permanent minority party’

Ex-NYC Mayor: Ban all guns

Huffington Post – Nugent: Obama ‘psychotic’ for gun control plans

Mediaite – Ted Nugent attacks Obama’s ‘psychotic’ gun control plans

Examiner – Ted Nugent calls Obama ‘monster’ for creating gun-free zones

Digital Spy – Ted Nugent: ‘Obama gun control stance is psychotic’

Media Matters – Nugent compares Obama, Biden to Jeffrey Dahmer

Opposing Views – Audio: Nugent on Obama’s gun control plans

Iran’s Press TV – Obama ‘psychotic’ for gun control plans: Nugent

NewsOK – Obama ‘psychotic’ for gun control plans

Jewish Press – Aaron Klein Radio #1 in New York

Israel National News – Israel-based show rates #1 in New York

Newsmax – Michael Savage tells Aaron Klein America needs 3rd ‘nationalist’ party

DC Examiner – Savage rallies for ‘nationalist’ party to battle Republicans

Des Moines Register – A national party or a nationalist party?

Syracuse Post – Savage calls for ‘nationalist’ party to challenge GOP

Buzzfeed – Top radio figure calls for ‘nationalist’ 3rd party

Mediaite – Conservative radio host: America needs new nationalist party


December 2012:

WND – Radio host calls for devil worship watch list

New York Daily News – Savage says talk radio becoming boring, predictable

Politico – Savage: Conservative radio “committing suicide” by attacking Obama

L.A Times – Radio’s Michael Savage decries Obama attacks, sorta

Talkers Magazine – Savage warns talk radio “committing suicide”


November 2012:

Washington Examiner: Hamas leader hides home near hospital to thwart Israeli airstrikes

Front Page Magazine – Top Hamas leader boasts of using hospital patients as human shields

Daily Caller – New Black Panther member returns to location of 2008 alleged voter intimidation

Fox News – New Black Panthers back at polling stations

(Story linked at Drudge:) Philadelphia Inquirer – New Black Panthers ‘may monitor some polling stations’

Politico – Bolton declines to repeat Rudy resign charge

Washington Times – First casualty in second Obama term: Liberty

October 2012

Toledo Blame – Authors claim to reveal Obama’s 2nd term agenda

September 2012

Politico – The Obama-meter Desh Edition

Buzzfeed – Ed Koch says he doesn’t ‘trust’ Obama on Israel

New York Magazine – Ed Koch doesn’t trust Obama on Israel

Newsmax – Obama will win but I don’t say trust him

The Blaze – New Black Panthers Wont Rule Out Showing Up At Polling Stations

The Examiner – New Black Panthers may show up at polls in November

Washington Times – Review of Aaron’s ‘Fool Me Twice’ book

The Examiner (2) – Black Panthers on Election Day: ‘We will be there’

July 2012: – Obama’s 2nd term jobs plan

Foxnews: Aaron Klein exposes Obama’s 2nd term agenda

Billboard surprise for Dems convention

Politico – Netanyahu, Bolton on Israel trip

Buzzfeed – Bolton: Unlike Predecessors, Obama Not Committed To Israel’s Security

Israel National News – Bolton: Obama Played Golf instead of Visiting Israel

WND – Obama slammed for not visiting Israel

Aaron Klein Radio tops on Internet

New Aaron Klein book reveals Obama’s shocking plans for next four years

WND – Israeli official: Guard your movie theaters!

June 2012

Politico – Koch: I helped changed Obama

WND – Watergate burglarL Obama ‘most corrupt ever’

May 2012

DrudgeReport link: Sheriff Joe still not buying Hawaii’s Obama-birth story… … (Sheriff interviewed on Aaron Klein Radio)

Aaron Klein profiled by Israel’s Maariv newspaper. Hebrew online edition here. Picture of newspaper here.

Politico – Bolton: People using Romney aid resignation for political purposes

Profile of Aaron makes cover of Jerusalem Post magazine  (Print edition cover image posted here)

April 2012

Jewish Press – Aaron Klein Radio among ‘heaviest’ in U.S.

NY Daily News – Aaron Klein makes Heavy 100, Rush Limbaugh still tops

Jerusalem Post – Why did MJ Rosenberg leave Media Matters?

Buzzfeed – Dershowitz declares victory in Democratic Party’s Israel war

NY Daily News – Jackie Mason doesn’t talk about girlfriend on radio show, goes after Obama instead

Huffington Post – Arizona Sheriff: GOP Presidential Candidates ‘Hiding’ Obama Birther Issue

AZ Central – Arpaio: Republicans ‘hiding’ birther investigation

WND – Pastor threatens Iran with Quran burning

Politico – Inhofe says Romney ‘in best position’ to win

March 2012

Israel National News – Radio host challenges ‘Global March’ activist

Jewish Press – Aaron Klein offers $50,000 challenge to pro-Palestinian activist

Buzzfeed – Bolton: Expect a ‘slog’

Feb. 2012

Politico – Ed Koch: ‘Santorum is nuts’ Former NYC Mayor: Santorum is nuts
Israel National News – Dershowitz declares war on anti-Israel media watchdog

Buzzfeed- Dershowitz to campaign against Media Matters

Commentary – Media Matters’ Worst Nightmare?

WND -Dershowitz: Media Matters will be reelection issue

American Thinker – Why won’t Obama cut ties to group promoting anti-Semitism?

Newsmax – Dershowitz declares war on Soros-financed Media Matters website
HotAir- Dershowitz declares war on Media Matters

Politico – Inhofe praises Santorum

WND – Senator: Obama ‘disarming’ America, using economy for ‘social engineering’

The Hill – Sen. Inhofe says Santorum has ‘better’ record on defense, economy, energy

BuzzFeed: Rabbi Shmuley Boteach says Congressional bid isn’t self-promotion

Jan. 2012

Politico: Mitt backer Bolton digs Paul on foreign policy

BuzzFeed – Clinton for Veep? Former aid still beating drum

Daily Mail – Former UN Ambassador warns Iran nuclear threat now ‘clear, present danger’

WND (linked on Drudge Report) – Bolton: Iran closer to bomb than world realizes

Buzzfeed – Ed Koch calls Ron Paul a ‘scary situation’

End of Dec. 2011

Appearing on Aaron Klein’s WABC show, comedy legend Jackie Mason ripped President Obama saying that the White House’s 2011 Hannukah celebration – which took place 20 days before the holiday- was a photo opportunity and a fraud. The story went viral. Read about it in:

The Hollywood Reporter

The Huffington Post


International Business Times

UK Daily Mail

The Blaze


(And over 200 other news sources)

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