PRE-SHABBAT ROCKET BLAST IN TEL AVIV. City under siege as ground troops prep for invasion



by KleinOnline

TEL AVIV — Three hours before the start of Shabbat here, air raid sirens were blasted in Tel Aviv and an explosion could be heard.

Defense sources said a missile landed in an open area and that it did not strike ground.

No injuries or damage were reported in Tel Aviv.

Hamas’s so-called military wing immediately took responsibility for the blast, saying it fired at missile at Tel Aviv.

An hour before the rocket was launched, Hamas released a statement claiming it had “a surprise” for Israel.

Sixty-seven rockets fired from the Gaza Strip struck Israel today. The country’s Iron Dome system intercepted 55 more rockets today

In all, 335 rockets have struck Israel since Operation Pillar of Defense began two days ago.

Earlier today, three Israeli civilians were lightly injured when a rocket hit the Eshkol Regional Council region near Gaza.

Yesterday, three Israelis were killed by a direct rocket hit on their family home in the Gaza border town of Kiryat Malakhi. A four year old Israeli boy and an infant were moderately wounded in separate rocket attacks.

Meanwhile, Israel today took preparations for a possible ground operation into Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces said over 16,000 reservists have been mobilized, out of the 30,000 approved by the Israeli government

The IDF told KleinOnline the Paratrooper and Givati Infantry brigades have completed what they say are final preparations for a potential ground operation. The forces are currently outside Gaza on standby awaiting orders.