BLOG - Hamas claims it downed Israeli drone, aircraft



by KleinOnline

Hamas claims that it downed a piloted Israel Air Force aircraft today in addition to a drone the terror group claims it shot down yesterday.

Hamas members claimed to KleinOnline that they downed the IAF aircraft today. However, the group has yet to produce any video or documentary evidence to support that claim.

Yesterday, Hamas’ Al Aqsa television broadcast footage of what it claimed was a downed Israeli drone.

The footage appears to be that of a Raphael SkyLite B, a man-portable drone system that is usually carried in two parts by two ground troops for use in localized battles.

A description of the drone by its manufacturer states, “The system provides high resolution, real time imagery to the field operator and to higher command levels by using stabilized, gimbaled day and night electro optical payloads.”

Hamas’ claims could not be immediately substantiated.