SIREN ROARS IN TEL AVIV, ROCKETS STRIKE CITY SUBURBS. Residents scramble for bomb shelters along Israel's central coastal cities



by Aaron Klein

TEL AVIV — For the first time since the 1991 Gulf War, a siren today went off in Tel Aviv warning of a possible incoming rocket and sending residents scrambling to their bomb shelters.

An explosion was heard by KleinOnline in Tel Aviv. An explosion could also be heard in the neighborhing city of Bat Yam, according to residents there.

The sources of those possible explosions are under investigation by the Israel Defense Forces.  However, Israeli defense sources confirm to KleinOnline that one rocket landed in an open area between Jaffa and Bat Yam.  Jaffa borders Tel Aviv.

The Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad was quick to claim responsibility for what it said was missile fire at Tel Aviv. The organization has claimed it fired Fajr-5 missiles aimed at Tel Aviv.

Earlier today, one rocket launched from the Gaza Strip landed in Rishon Letzion, some 7 miles south of Tel Aviv.

No causalties were reported in either Tel Aviv or Rishon Leztion.

If the rocketing of Tel Aviv is confirmed, the attack would mark the farthest rocket strike from Gaza into Israel to date. It would be seen as a major escalation.

Earlier today, three Israelis were killed by a direct rocket hit on their family home in the Gaza border town of Kiryat Malakhi. A four year old Israeli boy and an infant were moderately wounded in separate rocket attacks.

More than 200 rockets have been fired from Gaza since Israel yesterday started what it calls Operation Pillar of Defense targeting the terrorist infrastrucure in Gaza.

In Rishon Letzion today, a siren went off alerting residents there of possible incoming projectiles after the Israeli Defense Forces detected that one or two long range rockets had been fired from Gaza.

Palestinian media is reporting Hamas’s so-called military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Bridgades, is claiming responsiblity for the Rishon Letzion rocketing.

The rocketing of Rishon Letzion comes less than 24 hours after KleinOnline quoted senior Hamas members saying the Islamist group was debating sending rockets to that city.

The Hamas leadership in Gaza has also been studying the possibility of assassinating Israeli figures or launching suicide bombings inside Israel, those senior Hamas members said yesterday.

Also being debating by Hamas is the immediate use of antiaircraft and other advanced missiles to target Israel Air Force operations over the Gaza Strip, the Hamas members said.

According to the senior Hamas members speaking to KleinOnline, the responses Hamas is currently debating launching against Israel include:

1) Firing long range rockets aimed at Gedera and Rishon Letzion.  Such rocket firing would be considered a strategic game changer.

2)   Launching suicide bombings inside Israel. Any attempted suicide attacks would most likely originate with the Hamas infrastructure within the West Bank. Israeli security sources told KleinOnline that Hamas maintains the capability of attempting suicide bombings from the West Bank.

3) Assassinating Israeli figures.  The Hamas members said the group is already compiling a list of possible targets but would not comment to KleinOnline about whether those targets were political, military or civilian.

Further, the senior Hamas members said the group is likely to use antiaircraft and other advanced missiles against IAF airplanes operating over the Gaza Strip.

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  • highflier

    What is with all the capitol letters ??

  • highflier

    You are too friggin wierd back to the 60’s with you … Then have a hit of Mescaline to clear your cobwebs out Ha-Ha

  • Anonymous

    This is off topic but I am on a angry woman on a roll.

    If Obama were half the President he thinks he is, he would be on the phone all night and all day tomorrow finding buyers to keep 18,500 jobs at Hostess. When unemployment is 8% and you have just allowed 2 million illegal’s, jobs, you should care more than to get on a plane and zoom off to Asia.
    As ole Joe would say “It’s a big Fuckin Deal”.

    Obama really is an empty chair!

    Romney would never have let this happen! He knows people, he knows the equity business, he knows how to make money. It was 49% to 52%, that is not a mandate and that is not a landslide. Romney was short 4,000 votes in 4 states. Republicans need to start appreciating that.

  • IPOC1

    Maybe Obama will take a vacation trip to Israel etc….If the Hamas knew their main $$$ guy was in town,they would stop the attacks.

  • Anonymous


  • Martin Cullen

    Israel should just decide to end this once and for all. They have the means, enough with the restraint. Take the gloves off, finish the job. Kissing Obama or any Democrats butt won’t help a thing so just finish it. You can’t be a Jew and a Democrat.. The United States Democratic party wishes the destruction of Israel every bit as much as Hamas.

  • Jimmy

    Bulldoze Gaza right into the Med.

  • Jacob W Crosby

    I am still blown away by the number of people that STILL think Obama is Muslim… All evidence to the contrary.


    The chess board is set in terms of ethnocentric dualism of good and evil. This dualism limits the popular cause of Israel, while the extinct philistines are a reality in the global thinking and even within realms of both world democracies and authoritarian governments. Only in small and diminishing financially powerful groups does Israel have support. Thus, Israel has limited resources for culture maintenance let alone even growth. Any mass and sustained attacked or “swarm” type strategy is potentially devastating to Israel and her allies that have been reduced in financial and cultural strength.

    Explicit military reaction by Israel towards its rivals that attack Israel is anticipated by Israel’s rivals. The use of “defense” or the “right to exist” claims of Israel is now less acceptable to the world community even though this is consistent with UN philosophy. Thus, in turn Israel’s global rivals will produce global commendation and an acceptable grounds of circumstances of retaliation against Israel even with heavy civilian destruction. In turn Israel will have to use limited resources in less explicit and highly effective activities or very soon, eventually use its most powerful and finite military resources.

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  • Anonymous

    “The Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad was quick to claim responsibility for what it said was missile fire at Tel Aviv. The organization has claimed it fired Fajr-5 missiles aimed at Tel Aviv.”

    Oh the timing is too good on this one! Here we go with the ramp up to going to war with Iran.

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  • Bob Nordberg

    This is funny…”Miraculous Recovery by Injured Gaza Man?

    Pallywood is in high gear as Gazans dupe BBC viewers in time-honored style.

    AAFont Size

    By Gil Ronen

    First Publish: 11/15/2012, 5:25 PM

    Barely one day into the fighting in Hamas-run Gaza, the locals are hard at work playing the victim for the world’s press.

    Footage from the BBC captured by watchdog group Honest Reporting shows a heavy man lying on the ground and being carried away by residents, apparently after being injured by an Israeli attack.

    Moments later, that same man again fills the frame, except he is walking about and obviously unhurt.

    The widespread staging of such victim situations is a favored tactic of Arabs fighting Israel and has come to be known as “Pallywood.”” …………………………………………………………

  • Anonymous

    Having a Muslim as a friend is like a JEW
    having HITLER for a neighbor…!!!

    Throughout the world Muslim’s are always
    bidding their time waiting to Jihad (kill the infidels) when the iron gets hot…

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  • Anonymous

    As the Middle East heats up, Hillary Clinton is hiding in Australia and Obama
    is struggling to keep the truth about Libya under wraps. God help us

  • GunnyL

    I say bulldoze Gaza into the Sea and eliminate the problem once and for all. Israel has shown too much restraint. All the lives in Gaza are not worth one Israeli Life!

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  • Black Eagle

    Prez. Hussein, thank you so much!

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  • OnFire

    A suicide vest is the quickest way to lick Mohameds virgin starfish 72 times.

  • Vuil

    Almost every Israeli has Jewish friends and relatives in the US.

    They should organize a letter writing and email campaign target at American Jewry to point out what is going on and how Obama and his inept policies have worsened the situation and increased danger to Israel.

    People like Spielberg and Streisand and the other Jewish glitterati of the West coast should have these terrible events shoved in their face. Jews are good at feeling guilty. Time to start making this awful ‘ignore Israel’ Jews living the good life face their utter disregard for their kith and kin in the Middle East.

    • Anonymous

      How many Jewish people in America actually voted for obama? People like streisand and speilberg only care about policies that have a positive impact on democrats. It’s that simple. They will flip on issues based on which political party is helped in America. If it helps Republicans they will never support it. If it supports/helps democrats they are “All In”. America’s unfortunate reality.

  • LiberalismIsASocialDisease

    I can’t believe any Jew could have the nerve to vote for Obama after the first four years of total disrespect, and they vote for him again this time. Well, that goes for anyone who supported Obama, and those who did not vote at all.

    Israel is our only ally in the region and Obama destroyed what buffer the countries surrounding Israel gave the Jews before the Arab Springs which Obama orchestrated.

    In the end, Obama is a major factor of what is going on there, and the Americans who did not try to get Obama out of office is to blame for the next four years there.

  • Anonymous

    duplicity of the actors on the geopolitical stage knows no bounds.
    Government always needs an enemy in order to manipulate its own
    citizen and other countries. If one is not available, it creates one.

    helped the rise of Hamas? U.S., Israel policies, turns out

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  • KR Rayberry

    Glad to see most people on here back Israel. Just imagine if you were in New York and all of a sudden Sirens started sounding because Virgina launched a bunch of missiles. I would totally suck wondering if something was going to land on your head. Wish there was a site I could help pay for some of these munitions the Israelis were lobbing back.

  • Anonymous

    The Arabs know they can’t win. That’s the reason for the incessant propaganda campaign against Israel. The Arabs are hoping the World will hand them a cheap victory.

  • Anonymous

    Find the sources of the missiles and destroy them until there are no more.

  • rstatesman

    It is not Israel’s fault that their cousins (American Jews) for the most part blind and stupid to reality. Romney received the highest Jewish vote since Ronald Reagan. I am an American Jew, My wife and kids all vote Republican and has done so for years. I just want to slap Kool-Aid drinking Liberal Jews alone the side of their head.

    • Guest

      Who gives a damn if they’re Jewish or not? There’s right and wrong, and the wrong people only seem to give a **** about whether or not someone keeps kosher.
      I care more about which side tries to be humane and which side targets indiscriminately, and represses people because they’re 7th century savages. That’s a pretty easy guidline to follow.

      • rstatesman

        Keeping kosher has nothing to do with what I said or meant. I talking about the liberal issues that afforded Obama the second term.

  • rstatesman

    I do not question ones Jewishness by if they are Reform or Hassidic. I question them if the are conservative or liberal. A liberal Jew does not follow the bible and God’s laws. You can not be a Liberal Jew and obey the ten commandments and the God’s teachings.

  • Machismo

    The United States can track where the Missile launched from via Satellite. Give the coordinates to the Israelis so they can target the location and blow up every installation

    Hamas has.

  • Denis Bekaert

    Israel has continually shown great restraint in enduring these continued rocket attacks on civilian targets while the world ignores this terrorism, yet when Israel finally has enough the liberal press and the worthless UN calls Israel terrorists. Is it sad that children and innocents are killed in Israeli air strikes, of course, but when rockets are deliberately stored in schools and civilian housing, who is really to blame? Certainly not Israel.

  • Raw

    Lucky I don’t run Israel, I would have every terrorist person (leaders and pawns alike) exterminated like the pests they are. What’s with muslim ideology that’s built so fundamentally on hate, destruction, and murder.

    While plenty of extremist religious groups have perpetrated severe crimes against humanity and have been wholly wrong in their actions, Islam is uniquely the only religion that MANDATES these scourges on humanity (but calls itself the religion of peace and love).

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  • JayPicker

    It’s time to eliminate Hamas once in for all – and then Hezbollah.
    If these vermin shield themselves amongst the population and civilian areas, it’s on them, NOT Israel.

  • Anonymous

    If Palestine were to lay down their guns tomorrow, there would be no war. If Israel were to lay down theirs, there would be no Israel – Benjamin Netanyahu

  • Anonymous

    So, trading Gaza for peace didn’t work, did it? They will not rest until they attack Jerusalem. They will NEVER succeed and there will be millions killed in any attack on Israel. Israel will never be taken because God gave them that land and it will never be taken from them.

    • BaltimoreJoe

      The entire region is tag teaming Israel…give concessions to Hamas,then it’s Hezgbolah, then Syria, then back to the start of the line. Just gotta end it once and for all.