Did Petraeus mistress reveal secret CIA prison? Paula Broadwell may have divulged new information on Benghazi scandal



By Aaron Klein

TEL AVIV — Did Paula Broadwell, the alleged mistress of ex-CIA Director David Petraeus, reveal a secret CIA detention center in Benghazi during a public speech she gave last month?

Broadwell, a former counterterror operative, co-authored a bestselling biography of Petraeus. She discussed the book during a keynote speech on  Oct. 26 at a University of Denver alumni symposium. The speech is available in full on YouTube.

During a question and answer session, Broadwell was asked about the September 11 attacks against the U.S. mission in Benghazi.

She stated: “Now I don’t know if a lot of you heard this, but the CIA annex had actually had taken a couple of Libya militia members prisoner. And they think that the attack on the consulate was an effort to try to get these prisoners back. So that’s still being vetted.”

The existence of a U.S. prison or CIA detention center in Benghazi would be a new development in the debate surrounding the attacks there.  The information does not appear to be publicly known.

An extensive KleinOnline search of news media coverage of the Benghazi attacks could find no mention of prisoners being held at the CIA annex.

Today, a CIA spokesperson denied Broadwell’s claim of a prison at the Libyan annex.

The spokesperson told The Daily Beast that “[t]he CIA has not had detention authority since January 2009, when Executive Order 13491 was issued. Any suggestion that the Agency is still in the detention business is uninformed and baseless.”

However, Fox News is quoting multiple intelligence sources claiming prisoners were held at the Benghazi annex.

One source described by Fox News as well-placed in Washington told the news agency there were Libyan militiamen being held at the CIA annex in Benghazi and that their presence was being looked at as a possible motive for the staged attack on the consulate and annex that night.

Fox News quoted multiple other intelligence sources who had served in Benghazi as saying other prisoners from additional countries in Africa and the Middle East were brought to the CIA annex.

On Saturday, The New York Times reported that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor spoke to an FBI whistle-blower two weeks ago who accused Petraeus of not only having an extramarital affair but potentially jeopardizing the security of classified information.

During the same university speech, Braodwell may have also divulged information that Petraeus knew “within 24 hours” of CIA annex’s request for reinforcements, reported Israel National News.

“The challenging thing for Gen. Petraeus,”she stated, “is that in his new position, he’s not allowed to communicate with the press. So he’s known all of this – they had correspondence with the CIA station chief in Libya, within 24 hours they kind of knew what was happening.”

Earlier she had said the military could have sent reinforcements.

“They were requesting the – it’s called the C-in-C’s In Extremis Force – a group of Delta Force operators, our very, most talented guys we have in the military. They could have come and reinforced the consulate and the CIA annex.”

With additional research by Joshua Klein

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  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/R6DVCNUABMVYUFKE6HXND32TNI exbrit69

    The CIA claim to be fighting terrorists when in fact THEY are terrorists themselves

  • Anonymous

    US empire will colapse soon
    like soviet union

    R.I.P for you U.S

  • Anonymous

    A secret prison so secret that various media tromping around the place picking up classified documents off the floor a month before the FBI got there never noticed it?

    I hate Obama with the heat of a thousand suns, but even I can’t swallow that one.

  • Anonymous

    Rumor: Benghazi was a plot by Mormon and neo-com Zionists working inside CIA to kill ambassador in order to help Romney win election by “proving” Obama to be incompetent in foreign affairs.

  • Anonymous

    Yes. Paula Broadwell, The Benghazi Ho-e. is the Mossad Agent
    who sold out her country and her 2 sons. Just think of the kids first day of school when the other kids ask what it is like to have a mommy who is a Wh-ore.

  • Pat, Widow of an Air Force Vet

    This whole thing is BULLCRAP. Petraeus is just a scapegoat for the Benghazi problems which are much larger than any of us will know about. This administration has told him if he just goes away quietly his family will all be just fine. If he had any honor he would tell them to shove it but I bet you see him teaching at Princeton sooner than later.
    Think about it. Why would you take a military man out of the DofDefense and move him to the CIA when they already knew about the affair? What kind of vetting was done? Why would you move Panetta, who hates the military to the DoD from the CIA? It makes no sense unless there is something else going on and Petraeus was set up.
    I have never hated anything as much as I hate this entire administration.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a true story. I really could care less about your opinion. Did you get your Obama phone yet?

  • http://www.ryanpadgett.com Ryan Padgett

    All of you with your left vs. right, democan vs. repbulicrat BS are such fools. Look at all of you bickering and finger pointing like addled grade schoolers. Grow up and wake up.

  • John Kochendorfer

    Please google king david hotel terrorist attack, the USS Liberty, and “THEY DID IT”. While your at it please google Dov Zachiem pretty sure he stole or covered up the theft of trillions of dollars from the US tax payers while he was comptroller of the pentagon. ISRAEL IS NOT AMERICAS FRIEND.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ray.hollis.3 Ray Hollis

    Doesn’t mean it’s a ”prison”, they most likely scooped up a couple guys before and locked them in a broom closet.

  • Greg Streuber

    If you Wile E Coyotes actually believe there is a difference between the Democrats and Replublicans you have consumed way too much of the koolaid. Get real people, if you could change the direction and intentions of GovCo by voting they would not allow it. This is the biggest dog and pony show ever and you suck every word of it up and wear your jerseys like its an NFL football game. When are all of you people going to realize that there are only two groups, US and THEM.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing equivalent to the scorn of a jealous woman!

  • Harod

    The military should recount all the ballots and if election fraud is discovered Patreas should remove the offending parties from office. Otherwise I think states could start seceding rather that go down with the ship.

  • Anonymous

    We truly have no idea about anything! The mainstream media is as secretive as the CIA and america is on a need to know basis.

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.munkelwitz Daniel Munkelwitz

      The mainstream media is a tool for a bunch of ignorant profiteers.

  • Silver Surfer Dude

    The president denied security to a CIA annex holding Libyan prisoners? The president then denied reinforcements to our American boys, choosing to go to sleep instead? The president then blamed everything on a video that NOBODY had heard about? Are we living in the fucckking twilight zone?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PQ3ZWRZUATPUQBEY6MJAJWSSEQ Thomas Jefferson

    gee you can’t mean the general who betrayed us,don’t they all……………………..

  • Jared Purdy

    The video has been removed from youtube. Big brother is watching.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    It will be forever impossible for this woman to speak publicly without the audience having in the back of their minds the fact that she was playing the skin flute in Petraeus’ jazz band.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CVNZOOROSQHV6SGLVC4MKFCNHU jb80538

    If it was secret, he divulged info he shouldn’t have.

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  • http://twitter.com/thaNorthStarMN thaNorthStar.com

    maybe everyone should stop demanding obama tells everything top secret that he knows

  • gostlbirds

    Look-up the following to see where FOX did report there were
    “prisoners” at the CIA annex the night of the Benghazi attack:

    “EXCLUSIVE: CIA operators were denied request for help during
    Benghazi attack, sources say”

    By Jennifer Griffin Published October 26, 2012 @ FoxNews.com

    It’s at the 2nd to last paragraph:
    “According to a source on the ground at the time of the attack, the
    team inside the CIA annex had captured three Libyan attackers and
    was forced to hand them over to the Libyans. U.S. officials do not
    know what happened to those three attackers and whether they were
    released by the Libyan forces. “

  • richie

    misspelled Broadwell in tenth paragraph. Hiring proofreaders?

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm, I’m guessing by end of day a statement will come out from Broadwell saying she ‘misspoke’ about the matter. This WH doesn’t care about Paula or the General so ‘fess up people. Like Obummer said, do it for revenge!

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  • Anonymous

    I just wonder if Paula swallows.

  • Anonymous

    Another obama scapegoat. The stench of all the dead goats is getting sickening. Time for obama to get to the top of the bowl and tell the truth. Something new for him!

  • Anonymous

    Our govt is ran by adolescent adults in heat.I’m going to guess she got her info first hand in the nude and on her knees.

  • Bob Higgins

    Anyone who believes word one out of Foggy Bottom or McClean is a congenital idiot, journalists doubly so.

  • http://drudgereport.com StageCoachDriver

    CIA secret prison. They don’t exist any more, or maybe they do.

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive” Sir Walter Scott.

  • Mike Abshier

    The fact that no adequate reinforcements were sent in a deliberate and timely manner is un-American! There can be no excuses for that. My sympathy is for the family and friends of those murdered and for the entire country for this dis-service.

  • Mary Stramoski Broome

    She thinks she is in the new Nikita series.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bongo-Mawongo/100001531470740 Bongo Mawongo

    Watch that pillow talk. It’ll come back to bite you.

  • Anonymous

    Secret CIA prisons aren’t even prisons. They are training facilities. The CIA catches idiots out on the battlefield and then train them to be CIA assets and put them back out on the battlefield as informants. Most people don’t know that Osama Bin Laden used to work for the CIA. People need to realize how things really work. Stop being so naive.

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  • Anonymous

    Get ready, Obama will use the increasing layoffs, caused by Obama’s policies esp ObamaCare, as a pretext for govt take over of private companies…he will use the fake argument that the layoffs are political to undermine his policies instead of due to actual natural business forces reacting to his damaging policies…he will say it’s the vast white, right wing trying to sabotage his attempt to help the average Joe and the bots will swallow it whole. He very possibly will likewise use the economic crash he is causing as a pretext for marshal law and gun control. Obama will fill prisons, his Guantanamo’s, with political prisoners, Americans exercising their freedom of speech, that dare oppose him… and also look for job hirings to become totally politicized in Obama’s America…this is the change he brings and eveyone will conform or pay a price.