BOLTON 'VERY CONFIDENT' IN ROMNEY WIN. Predicts victory in popular, state polls



By KleinOnline

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton said last night he is “very confident” of a Mitt Romney win in tomorrow’s presidential election.

“I think Romney is going to win,” said Bolton, speaking on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC Radio.

Continued Bolton: “I think the popular vote could be clear and I think a lot of votes that are close at the state level could tip his way as well. But I feel very confident about a Romney win. I think it’s critical that everybody get out and vote. Don’t be overconfident at this point. That’s for sure.”

Bolton serves as a senior foreign policy adviser to Romney.

Asked by Klein whether he concurs with former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s call on Friday for President Obama to resign over the attacks in Libya, Bolton stopped short of repeating the resignation demand.

“I love Rudy. I think Obama should be defeated and we are going to see whether that happens in a very short period of time.”

Bolton took issue with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s role in the Libya controversy.

“I do think it’s one of the reasons why we are hearing rumors that Hillary Clinton may not leave after Obama’s first term if he is reelected but wants to stay on at least for a short time. She clearly understands if she leaves the State Department she loses control over her own defense.

“And she must know that she is vulnerable. She was parroting the line that the attack in Benghazi was caused by this ridiculous movie trailer about the Prophet Muhammad. She had to have known it wasn’t true.”