Israeli official: U.S. did not present plans to strike Iran. Newspaper report claims White House outlined attack scenario


by Aaron Klein

JERUSALEM — The Obama administration did not present Israel with any actual plans to strike Iran, a top Israeli security official told KleinOnline.

The security official was responding to a well circulated report in Israel’s Haaretz newspaper quoting an American official as saying that at a recent meeting President Obama’s national security adviser, Tom Donilon, shared with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the U.S. contingency plans for a possible attack on Iran.

The Israeli security official, knowledgeable about the contents of Donilon’s talks with Netanyahu, said Donilon did share with Israel information on U.S. weaponry and military capabilities for dealing with Iran’s nuclear facilities, as per the Haaretz report.

The official, however, denied that any actual U.S. plans to attack Iran were discussed.

The official, who was not authorized to talk to the news media, told KleinOnline the generalized U.S. military capabilities were outlined in the meeting with Netanyahu to help assuage Israel’s growing concerns over Iran’s nuclear ambitions and to make a point that the U.S. maintains the technical capability of attacking Iran.

The official said not only were plans to strike Iran not presented, but that Donilon stressed Obama’s position that there is still time for diplomacy with Iran.

Haaretz’s own report affirms what the Israeli security official told KleinOnline.

The report goes on to quote a second American official as saying that Donilon told Netanyahu that “based on the intelligence we have, we think there is still time for diplomacy, and the time for a military operation against Iran has not yet come.”

The Haaretz report comes as Mitt Romney visited Israel today, where he met with top officials, including Netanyahu and Israeli President Shimon Peres.

In a foreign policy speech Romney will deliver later today, the presidential contender is reportedly set to highlight Israel’s right to attack Iran.

“It is an existential threat and we in the West partnering with Israel should do everything we can from stopping Iran from developing that weapons capability,” said Dan Senor, a top Romney foreign adviser who helped organize the trip to Israel. “And if Israel has to take action on its own, in order to stop Iran from developing that capability the governor would respect that decision.”




  • Bruce Josloff

    Psych Ops.

  • Anonymous

    Obama, his State Department and the entire Administration are a pack of liars.  Are the Jews in America STILL going to vote like “Sheep for Obama”?

    • Anonymous

       Of course they will!

  • Anonymous

    What is actually true doesn’t matter to Obama and the progressives, but what they can make appear to be true.  He’ll try and play catch-up the rest of the election with “me too” for everything Romney does that he should have done, and a lot of “I did this…, I’m gonna do this..,” while hiding his true intentions.  Obama is an Alinsky Progressive (leaning communist) through and through.  He hides it well half the time.  What worries me is that too many don’t understand.

  • Tom

    This is hilarious to watch the marxist/fascist/lib in charge DESPERATE to have EVERYTHING BOTH ways.  Get Jewish vote and keep the RAPIST oil speculators at bay until November.  This is dishonor, lack of integrity, corruption, lying, all at it’s finest.  You will never meet a bigger bunch of scumbag liars than those that are occupying the White House CURRENTLY.

    • Anonymous

      Could not agree more. Israel is in real danger with this crew that occupies the White House. He would give any attack plans to Iran as soon as he had them from Israel. The guy is not Israels friend and still the jews will vote for him. I guess they still have a lot of German in them.

  • freecheese

    Isreal doesn’t need any help form the Obama admin. to carry out an attack on Iran.  Politically, it would be nice to have the U.S. by Isreal’s side, but not nesessary.

    • Anonymous

       Glad you think that way, because with Obama in the White House, US allies will be left high and dry.

  • Anonymous


    • freecheese

      You’re a left wing nut job.

      • Anonymous

        and you’ll get us Jews killed …will YOU BE HAPPY THEN…for what rue torah jews believe… Subject: [kleinonline] Re: Israeli official: U.S. did not present plans to strike Iran. Newspaper report claims White House outlined attack scenario

  • wallyintouch

    This idiocy is how wars get started. News orgs have hair triggers just to get a story, true or false.

  • Anonymous

    To paraphrase Doctor Charles Krauthammer, the only pro-Israel Jews who will vote for Obama have been in a coma the past 3 1/2 years.

    • freecheese

      All of the self-hating Jews in New YAWK and Florida vote democrat. Yet democrats support Palastine — the mortal enemy of the Jew.  Go figure .

  • Anonymous

    “any actual plans”

    Depends on what the definition of “is” is.  A detailed outline is not a plan.  Right?  So we just talked about it.  A lot.  And how it would come down.  And what equipment we would use.  But no “actual plans.”  Give me a break.  It’s sad we have to parse language like this.

  • R

    The fact that so many jews in the U.S. would vote for an israel-hating charlatan like Obama is one of the most puzzling things I’ve ever pondered. Why would they do that?

  • BigBoa


    You have to be smarter than this. Do NOT leave this up to O’Bozo. He will see to it that somehow, something gets screwed up and will leave the Iranians basically unharmed. Plus they will be tipped off.

    Surely by now you realize he can not be trusted. If not, you better come to your senses, and fast…

    PS,,, what’s up Aaron,,, salutations from the mighty Boa….

  • Anonymous

    What probably happened is that some DoD functionary showed some IDF functionary a sanitized version of a U.S. Contingency Plan for attacking Iran.  The U.S. Department of Defense has contingency plans for every possible defense related scenario from a strategic missile attack by Russia or China to the invasion of Monaco – a “contingency plan” is not a commitment to do anything.  Whatever transpired was meaningless.  Then a designated leaker from the White House tells some favorite newspimp from the Associated Press that the U.S. has “shared” its plans for attacking Iran with Israel in order to give American Jews the impression that Obama has Israel’s back and to counter any domestic gains Romney may be gaining in the American Jewish Vote.

    The sorry fact is that there is literally nothing Obama could to to lose the Jewish vote.  He could smear bacon grease all over the Western Wall and broadcast the event on Al Jazeera in prime time and he’d still get 70% of the Jewish vote.  But he will not get the turnout or the money he got in 2008, and that’s what he’s afraid of, and that’s why he’s reduced to cheap tricks like this.

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  • Michael J. Churlin

    The white house has been compromised. Treason is afoot on the scale of the Rosenburgs, and th Walkers. Yet Chavez is giving access to Iran in our hemisphere, and Barry Soetoro does not see a strategic threat from Venezuela. In Barry’s world I guess Isreal and Poland are the barriers to peace. If those damn poles would just submit to Putin, and the Jews, to quote Helen Thomas, would just go home. Am I right Barry it’s all the fault of me and my fellow filthy capitalist pigs right?

    • BigBoa

      If only it were that isolated. It isn’t only the Whitehouse that has been infiltrated.

      It is also Congress, the courts and the military….

  • Anonymous

    I could never figure out why a liberal Jew fears a large white gentile, over a scatter-brained mooslim who lacks American roots. Could a liberal Jew explain this to the forum please?

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  • Anonymous

    Why would they strike a country that wants to destroy one of our greatest allies? The man cannot even stand to look at Winston Churchhills bust. Why? Because the man did great things to stop oppression and bloodshed. Mitt, you better not screw us over. Otherwise, the Republic is lost. Simple as that. We are on the brink of a cliff, financially and militarily. Our troops are spread to thin and are so tired. They cannot even fire upon people who aim to kill them without permission. The rules of war under Obama are take casualties but DO NOT under any circumstance do anything to protect your own life. I would vote for a shoestring over Obama.

  • Anonymous

    these people need to get a life, this is the biggest peice of codswoller I have ever read, plain hogwash

  • Dai Alanye

    This poster, FedsMadeSarah etc, is a bizarre conspiracy-theorist who ought to be blocked from commenting on serious sites.

  • David Bailey

    ahhhhhh,nothing like disinformation to throw the enemy off.Will they, or won’t they.Either way,they are telegraphing their move.

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  • Phil Crawford

    As ronald said,

    they’ve gone so far to the left, they’ve left America! 

  • JOe Dutra

    Another White House leak, designed to garner votes for Obama.  This is getting old.