RELEASE: Aaron Klein available for rare U.S. speaking tour. Critical message on presidential election, Israel


NY Times bestselling author, investigative journalist and WABC Radio host Aaron Klein is making himself available for a rare U.S.  speaking tour for a limited period of time.

Interested synagogues, churches and organizations should act ASAP to take advantage of this opportunity to host a stateside speech by Klein on a critical, timely topic – Israel and the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

On Aug 7, Klein will release his much anticipated new book, “Fool Me Twice: Obama’s shocking plans for four more years exposed.”  The book is already slated for much news media attention. The new work will thrust Klein into the center of the 2012 election debate.

Klein will be available to speak  about the emerging dangers in the Middle East, such as the so-called Arab Spring, as well as the upcoming presidential election. Klein will discuss the latest in the U.S. and Israeli news cycle. He will also offer his expert opinion during a question and answer session.

He is available for select paid speaking opportunities in August, September and October.  Klein can also conduct an exclusive book signing for what is sure to be one of the hottest political books in the U.S.

Although there has been high demand and requests for public appearances over the years, this is the first time that Klein, normally based in Tel Aviv, has made himself available for a speaking tour in the U.S. This opportunity will not come again for quite some time.

To schedule Klein for a possible speaking gig, contact Joshua by email at or by phone at 215-380-3469.