Look who else confused about Obama birthplace: U.S. government questioned citizenship when president was 5


By Aaron Klein

President Obama’s literary agent is not the only one who was confused over the politician’s birthplace.

The U.S. government is on record questioning President Obama’s citizenship status as early as when he was 5 years old, stating it lacked documentation to determine his citizenship.

The citizenship inquiry dated back to 1966, when Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was attempting to secure a waiver so her second husband, Indonesian citizen Lolo Soetoro, could return to the country after his visa had expired.

Dunham separated from her first husband, Barack Obama Sr., in 1963 when the future president was 2 years old. Dunham and Obama Sr. are reported to have divorced in 1964.

In 1965 in Hawaii, Dunham married Soetoro, an Indonesian, and moved to Indonesia in October 1967.

Soetoro had been studying at the University of Hawaii as part of a State Department-initiated student exchange program.

Soetoro’s student visa had been sponsored by the University of Hawaii’s Center for Cultural and Technical Interchange between East and West. The program enforced strict visa limitations, requiring foreign students to return to their home countries after two years.

According to U.S. immigration files obtained and reviewed by WND, Soetoro was approved for a 21-month study grant beginning Sept. 1, 1962, at the East-West Center.

A memorandum from the center dated July 7, 1965, relates how Soetoro had his Class J visa briefly extended after he married Dunham due to a claimed illness on the part of Dunham. His visa had been set to expire June 15, 1964.

“He gave his wife’s illness as the reason for his visa extension request,” stated the center’s memo.

The memo said Soetoro claimed Dunham had been “suffering from a stomach ailment which may, according to her physician, require surgery.”

“When I pressed Mr. Soetoro for more information regarding the name of the physician, etc., he claimed that he could not remember exactly,” continued the memo, signed by Robert Wooster of the University of Hawaii’s exchange program.

Further notes from the exchange program that year related how Soetoro worked at the time for Hawaii-Pacific Engineers Surveyors.

An additional memorandum, from July 13, 1965, advised that Soetoro no longer was associated with the East-West Center, and that the University of Hawaii exchange program could not further help him renew his U.S. visa.

Soetoro had turned to the center to make a special exception in his case and to hold his return travel for another year, or until June 22, 1966.

“I gather that he intends to make every attempt to remain indefinitely with or without East-West Center approval although his manner throughout our interview was polite and cordial,” stated a memo from the center.

The memo, from Robert Zumwinkle, executive director of the East-West Center’s Institute for Student Interchange, relates how the program received a special cable from the Indonesian government that Soetoro, a civilian employee of the Indonesian army, must “immediately terminate his studies and return to Djakarta, Indonesia.”

Soetoro apparently was expected to devote four years of service to the Indonesian government in return for its subsidizing geography studies at the country’s Gadjah Mada University, as well as for his participation in the student exchange program.

The memo made clear the East-West Center would not help Soetoro extend his U.S. visa.

It complained Soetoro did not comply with its previous instructions to return to Indonesia at the end of his studies.

Soetoro departed the U.S. for Indonesia on June 20, 1966. Once back in his home country, Soetoro attempted to secure a waiver from the U.S. immigration authorities for his immediate return to Hawaii, according to immigration files reviewed by WND.

Dunham and Soetoro both filed petitions with U.S. Immigration in hopes of persuading the American government to grant a waiver allowing Soetoro to return.

The petitions claimed Dunham would suffer undue “psychological hardship” because of Soetoro’s departure.

Some petitions referenced hardship that may be suffered by Obama, then aged 5.

In a Nov. 22, 1966, interview with Robert Schultz, immigrant inspector in Honolulu, Dunham talked about financial hardships for her son.

“I buy personal things for my 5-year-old boy. I also pay $50.00 a month for a babysitter from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m,” she wrote, referring to Obama.

That petition was denied, with immigration authorities determining that according to remarks from her own interview, Dunham made enough money to support both herself and her son.

A document to the Assistant Region Commission Travel Control in Honolulu from December 1966 specifically stated, “It was also determined that the applicant’s spouse is now employed and can adequately maintain both herself and her 5-year-old child by a former marriage.”

Facing repeated denials, Dunham decided she would apply for a visa to Indonesia to live with Soetoro.

‘Nothing on file’ to document Obama’s citizenship

Before that, immigration authorities exchanged queries about Obama, with one noting questions about Obama’s citizenship.

One critical exchange is dated August 21, 1967, from Sam Benson, an officer at the Southwest Immigration and Naturalization Service office in San Pedro, Calif.

Benson’s query stated, “There is nothing in the file to document the status of the spouse’s son. Please inquire into his citizenship and residence status and determine whether or not he is the applicant’s child within the meaning of Section 101(b)(1)(B) of the Act, who may suffer exceptional hardship within the meaning of Section 212(a).”

The reference is to the Immigration and Naturalization Act, which defined a “child” as an unmarried person under 21 years of age who, among other qualifiers, could be a “stepchild,” whether or not born out of wedlock, provided the child had not reached the “age of eighteen years at the time the marriage creating the status of stepchild occurred.”

A response to Benson’s inquiry came from one “W.L. Mix” of the central immigration office, who determined Obama was a U.S. citizen.

Mix replied: “Pursuant to inquiry from central office regarding the status of the applicants’ spouse’s child by a former marriage.”

“The person in question is a United States citizen by virtue of his birth in Honolulu, Hawaii, Aug. 4, 1961. He is living with the applicants’ spouse in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is considered the applicant’s step-child, within the meaning of Sec. 101(b)(1)(B), of the act, by virtue of the marriage of the applicant to the child’s mother on March 5, 1965.”

The files do not state how the office determined Obama was born in Honolulu.

With research by Brenda J. Elliott

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/F3JQHB3RFSY4UYYHGBDD2NKDBU Patrick

    It is amazing, and apalling that this person can even be considered to sit as The President of The United States,  All questions must be answered immediately,completely, and conclusively, prior to that candidate’s nomination.  Anything less is a flagrant violation of the US Constitution, and any/all persons who are associated with scandals related to efforts of deceit or coverup must be investigatated and tried by the US Government.  Any and all persons, citizen or not, found guilty of effort, or collusion, which may result in the improper election of a non-citizen must be punished to the maximum extent of the law,

  • Anonymous

    “The files do not state how the office determined Obama was born in Honolulu.”
    Because obama said he was born there, that’s how it was determined.

  • Juliet Giles


  • BarbNC

    The man is a LIAR and the TRUTH is NOT IN HIM! PERIOD! He either LIED that he was born in Kenya for 16 yrs or he STARTED a LIE that he was born in Hawaii in 2007!

    WE THE PEOPLE have the RIGHT to KNOW the TRUTH!

  • Anonymous

    Sylvia – I think that’s a damn good idea, would weed out a lot of the dead wood and maybe they would take their job seriously.

  • George Corning

      It doesn’t matter who his parents were, if he was born OUTSIDE the US, even if by US citizens, he should NOT be allowed to run as a “natural” born citizen, NOR run at all!!!

  • Call Me Mom

    Citizen is not in question. The standard is natural born citizen and mr. obama does not meet that standard and never has.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not even sure he was ever really a US citizen!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IM2R6KY2PSENQ4DSCMEOUTBPTI sylviam

    And they,”OBAMA” people called the ones trying to find out WHY, “BIRTHERS” and also made them  sound like a bunch of NUT JOBS. Well-well maybe they got too close to the “TRUTH” to suit them, and started to run scared.  This is clearint up a lot more than some people know.
     1.–Why are the FEDS suing ARIZONIA, and Sherriff A.
    I could go on and on but you get the message I know. I got it when they first started but not the reason WHY.. Now it does not matter because the world knows now and I am sure somebody has a lot more info than we do. Maybe it has to do with WHY OBAMA wants MARSHAL LAW. That one is scary as all get out. Sure hope that this is one thing HE DOES NOT GET HIS WAY.

  • Anonymous

    Many Hawaiians did not have birth certificates when Hawaii became a state in 1959. For some time it was pretty easy to get a Hawaiin birth certificate–apparently even if not born in Hawaii.  If one was obtained, why the two questionable BCs on the website? Original lost, strayed, or stolen?  Should be available from the people in charge of BCs in Hawaii..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6R5KVV4KOAVP6JFZ2VRHG7LGJA mo

    See, now Klien is really muddying the waters — the opposition swine will seize on the next to last paragraph and Klein will have made a real stupid journalistic move.

  • Anonymous

    So making some sense…
    I will make a bet that they were trying to use Obama to get Soetoro back to the states, by having Soetoro adopt him..
    That probably failed so Ann and Obama went to Indonesia where Obama’s mother and step-father entered him in school as Soetoro’s son and an Indonesian citizen..

    If Obama was born in Hawaii I think he was a natural citizen, prior to being adopted by Soetoro. Not sure how this adoption would affect his citizenship.
    I do think that an adoption might play in something happening to the BC>..Not sure.
    If not adopted then he is still a natural citizen if born in Hawaii.

    However, Obama has still comitted fraud in not addressing previous names used other than Obama (He used the name Soetoro as a child, but never reported it.).

  • Anonymous

    So…..Where’s the Real Birth Certificate?….Shouldn’t We The People be allowed to veiw it?

  • Anonymous

    As PW stated, under our Constitution, being born in Hawaii makes him a citizen, just as the Mexicans born here now; however, he was not born a “natural born citizen” as required by the Constitution to be President or VP, therefore he has held office for the past 3+ years as a fraud and should be immediately removed from office before he does any more damage to this country. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IM2R6KY2PSENQ4DSCMEOUTBPTI sylviam

      I think we sould have an amendment stating the Congress and Senate the same way.
      The person running for either position has to be a natural born  citizen for either job. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_66T2XQN7K5BBXQM4NKACGODSIU nice

    he shouldn’t get the pension after he is denied the presidency. Who wants to pay for a lying piece of crap till he dies..oh thats right Americans pay for criminals in Jail and Prison..guess this will be no different. He should be tried for treason for making a bill that can shoot american citizens as well as lying, falsifying documents and going against our constitution.

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  • Anonymous

    A bastard, according to the dictionary, is something of unknown origin.  So why was this bastard allowed in the Senate, let alone the White House.  
    Robert Walker

  • centermass1

    Arrest, try and execute the Marxist usurper.

  • http://www.facebook.com/don.walker.33 Don Walker

    obama belongs in prison he was not borned here in theusa he was borned in kenya obama said so and has wife said the same thing he was born in kenya not the usa he belongs in prison and who every help him in to office like the dam clintons

  • http://www.facebook.com/ezduzit2u Frank Polise


  • Anonymous

    Bottom line; he is a liar and a fraud and most likely an illegal alien. Just plain SCUM!

  • j w

    WHY Fake a PDF and Publish it on The White House Web Server ?  NOW that Barry has allowed the FAKE to be published on the Government’s Computers  WHY oh WHY is he refusing to allow the Official One to be produced so a Comparison of the Two can happen.  What is the BIG Secret  Specifically <—<<<   HELLO   Earth To Barry  !!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2BOTBI2WRF6KX2BEF6ZQJYRYP4 George

    Do you NEED to see the tatooed words “FRAUD” across a person’s brow before the truth is revealed to you??  Not I!

  • Anonymous

    you are so right, I can just speculate that the republicans and the democrats are allowing this to happen as they also want one world bank, I suggest they all be ousted come Nov and new people be brought in.  There are to many serving over and over again when,  the constitution specifically says only 6 years to be served.  The trouble as I see it is they all love the offices they serve with no concideration to the constitution or the people they are supposed to serve

    • Anonymous

      Cimiron, where in the Constitution does it say that members of the Congress (either house) are limited to 6 years?  Art. I Sec 2, states that the House “shall be composed Members chosen every second Year,” and Sec 3 states that the Senate “shall be composed of two Senators from each State, chosen by the Legislature thereof, for six Years….”  Nothing anywhere bars re-election to either of those offices.  That said, I agree with you that too many members become enamored of the power and perks their offices give them such that they “serve” far too long.  I also hate it when I see people in college studying political science and “government” with the sole goal of being a politician for their entire lives, whether a lifetime in one office or a round of “musical offices.”  I’m a lot happier when a member of the legislature (whether national or state) learns a trade or profession and works in the real world for awhile before getting elected to public office.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe my interpretation is not correct, but I think It should be and limit them to 6 years period )

  • Anonymous

    Why is our government “Pussy Footing” around with this fraud? Does he have “DIRT” on everyone in government or is it just that no one gives a $*** about our Constitution?
    America needs to wise up to what is happening to our freedoms and our country which are being eroded day after day as long as this fraud remains in office. It is way past time to flush the toilet in Washington DC.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ezduzit2u Frank Polise

      Flush the toilet and prepare for war.  Semper-Fi.

      • Anonymous

        I’m with you on the war part, that will be the only way to maitain your freedom that has eroded immensley since this new Hitler implant was selcted by the NWO to take the country down! 1776…1776… aah, that was a very good year!

  • Anonymous

    Assuming he was born here, doesn’t make it true. REMOVE WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE IN NOVEMBER.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, untill his documantation is validafied he should not be able to run again, there is no reason he can not get his birth certificate from wherever, and his ss number, that is not his, and his other documents, he filed for assistence for school here in the states, if he was a citizen, that in itself was illegal

    • http://www.facebook.com/Tenormaximus Todd Moore

       He needs to be removed by force before then.  Ever law he has signed and every person he has appointed to the bench must be removed!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2JJS3UDX2DR4SUYJTDJOQETQ4U PurpleWings

    Being a US citizen does not necessarily mean a ‘natural born citizen’.   Even if he was born in Hawaii, his father was never a US citizen but a British national from Kenya, therefore Obama was not natural born as required by our Constitution for the office of President or Veep.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Tenormaximus Todd Moore

       You are absolutely right.  According to British common law, the child of a British subject is by birth a British subject as well…no matter where he was born.  This definition was put into British common law in 1946.

      • Anonymous

        Unfortunately, British common law was never American common law. If Obama Sr wa indeed his dad, he isn’t and could never be an nbc. That’s not even taking into account any citizenship status he had was negated when he became an indonesian citizen.

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  • Anonymous

    So where did Mix find the birth information? And why does the long form give the 1970s name of the hospital, instead of the name in 1961? 

    And why did Obama allow his literary agent to claim that he was Kenyan?

    A Hawaiian birth makes some sense — as does a Washington State birth, but why then keep all this obfuscation going?

    • gene1357

      Very good questions, Melanie. Why indeed the obfuscation?
      Barry Soetoro, deemed a stepchild, subsequently was enrolled in school as a citizen of Indonesia. I am not able to address the issue of dual citizenship for a US or Indonesian citizen. 
      However, when, as an aspiring author, BHO’s literary agent specified Kenyan born,one wonders what might “truth” have actually represented to Obama.
      Nothing herein can be construed to in any way help identify Barry as a natural born, ie. child of two citizens of the US, citizen…only proof of his being a big fat liar, whose mother was adrift in life, working the system. Maybe he was born in Hawaii, but that is irrelevant to his eligibility.
      So perhaps the scandal over his lack of citizenship is purely intended as a red herring, to obfuscate, distract from, and defuse the issue of natural born status.

    • gene1357

       BTW, M.B.; is it Dr.?

      • Anonymous

        No Dr. Just MFA & MA. (Don’t ask. I never claimed to be wise!)

        • gene1357

          “Art is the technology of the soul”
          Ayn Rand