Bolton: U.S. ‘running up the white flag’ to Taliban. Concerned Obama’s reelection will ‘gravely impair’ national security


by KleinOnline

President Obama is “running up the white flag” of surrender to the Taliban by ending combat missions in Afghanistan in 2013, contended former UN Ambassador John Bolton in a radio interview to be broadcast in full tomorrow.

Bolton went on to say that he is concerned Obama’s reelection will “gravely impair” what he described as an already “seriously weakened” U.S. national security.

Bolton was speaking in an interview recorded today to be broadcast tomorrow on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC Radio.

Asked how Obama’s reelection would affect U.S. foreign policy, Bolton replied: “I think the national security of the United States, which has already been seriously weakened by the administration’s policies, will be gravely impaired.”

Continued Bolton: “I think the announcement that the U.S. hopes to end combat operations in Afghanistan by 2013 is all but running up the white flag to the Taliban. The withdrawal of combat forces from Iraq has sent a terrible signal to America’s Arab friends in the region.”

“This inability to acknowledge the reality of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, our continued hostility under the Obama administration to Israel, is a pattern of America in decline.”

“And when the president, if he is reelected, doesn’t have to face the people of the United States ever again, I just think the vista that lies in front of us is truly worrying,” Bolton added.

Last week, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta announced the U.S. plans to end combat missions in Afghanistan by 2013 while continuing a training and advisory role with Afghan forces through 2014.

According to multiple reports, Germany, Britain and other NATO members complained that they had been blindsided by Panetta’s plan, while Afghan officials expressed concern with the new timetable.