Bias in new vote-counting system? National security concerns also raised


by Aaron Klein

An internationally-headquartered company, SCYTL, is now taking over online U.S. voting systems.

The company has previously faced questions about the security of its electronic voting technologies, which are now set to be deployed in 900 U.S. jurisdictions.

The firm already provides balloting for overseas U.S. military and civilian voting in nine states plus elections technologies in several districts.

Concerns have also been raised about SCYTL’s ties to the Spanish government and to international venture capital firms.

The Drudge Report yesterday ran a feature entitled, “Foreign company buys U.S. election results reporting firm.” The article documented that SCYTL, based in Barcelona, acquired 100% of SOE Software, the leading software provider of election management solutions in the United States.

The official press release announcing the acquisition noted that SCYTL is a portfolio company of leading international venture capital funds Nauta Capital, Balderton Capital and Spinnaker.


National security concerns

With the purchase of SOE Software, meanwhile, SCYTL has increased its involvement in the U.S. elections process.  SOE Software boasts a strong U.S. presence, providing results in over 900 jurisdictions.

In 2009, SCYTL formally registered with the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (AEC) as the first Internet voting manufacturer in the U.S. under the EAC Voting System Testing and Certification Program.

Also that year, SCYTL entered into an agreement with another firm, Hart InterCivic, to jointly market a flexible and secure electronic pollbook purportedly to allow U.S. election officials and poll-workers to easily manage the electoral roll on Election Day in an efficient and convenient manner.

SCYTL’s ePollBookTM already replaced the paper precinct roster in Washington, DC.

During the midterm elections in November 2010, SCYTL successfully carried out electoral modernization projects in 14 States. The company boasted that  a “great variety” of SCYTL’s technologies were involved in these projects, including an online platform for the delivery of blank ballots to overseas voters, an Internet voting platform and e-pollbook software to manage the electoral roll at the polling stations.

The states that used SCYTL’s technologies during the Midterms were New York, Texas, Washington, California, Florida, Alabama, Missouri, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nebraska, West Virginia and Washington DC.

Just prior to the midterm’s however, the new electronic voting system in Washington, DC was hacked.

As a program security trial, the D.C. Board of Elections & Ethics reportedly encouraged outside parties to hack and find flaws in its new online balloting system. A group of University of Michigan students then hacked into the site and commanded it to play the University of Michigan fight song upon casting a vote.

This is not the first time SCYTL’S systems have been called into question

Voter Action, an advocacy group that seeks elections integrity in the U.S., sent a lengthy complaint to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission in April 2010 charging the integration of SCYTL systems “raises national security concerns.”

“Foreign governments may also seek to undermine the national security interests of the United States, either directly or through other organizations,” Voter Action charged.

The document notes that SCYTL was founded in 2001 as a spin-off from a research group at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, which was partially funded by the Spanish government’s Ministry of Science and Technology.

SCYTL’s headquarters are in Barcelona with offices in Washington, D.C., Singapore, Bratislava and Athens.

The company provides voter services worldwide, including in France, Norway, Spain, India, the United Arab Emirates, Austria, Australia, Britain, Mexico, Switzerland, Philippines and Finland.

Project Vote noted that in 2008, the Florida Department of State commissioned a review of SCYTL’s remote voting software and concluded, in part, that:

. The system is vulnerable to attack from insiders.

· In a worst case scenario, the software could lead to (1) voters being unable to cast votes; (2) an election that does not accurately reflect the will of the voters; and (3) possible disclosure of confidential information, such as the votes cast by individual voters.

· The system may be subject to attacks that could compromise the integrity of the votes cast.

With research by Brenda J. Elliott

NOTE: An earlier edition of this article identified the venture capital firm that invested in SCYTL as the emerging markets investment management firm, Spinnaker Capital Group. The actual SCYTL investor is another company with a similar name, the Spanish venture capital firm Spinnaker SCR. Neither Spinnaker Capital Group nor its director, Bob McCarthy, are associated with SCYTL.




  • Anonymous

    Talk Is Cheap! Millions Of Americans out on the Streets, is the only thing these animals will understand! Shut Down a City and they’ll listen! It’s Time for a General Strike! you either Act or you’ve done nothing!

    God Bless America!

  • Lou Riggio

    Could the Spanish be getting even for their loss in 1898?


    “He who votes decides nothing. He who COUNTS the votes decides everything”. – Joseph Stalin.
    We are being mentally prepared, by the close polling data, that if Obama “wins” we will believe it.
    The evil among us leave nothing to chance.
    Contact congress, tv reporters, newspapers …everyone you know with a voice…LETS INVESTIGATE THIS AND REVOLT WHILE THERE IS TIME!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    So what can we the people do about it?

  • Auric Maston

    He’s gonna fix the election.  We already know that.  That’s why the 30 million illegals aren’t being deported and that’s why there’s no photo voter ID requirement at the polls.  There may be no conventional, peaceful way to ensure liberty.

  • Anonymous

    This company has been hacked before, so lets hack it again and give Zero some 600 million votes.  Since there are only 311 million people, man, woman and child in the U.S.A. maybe then the media will report that something is amiss with the election process.  Be sure and hack it from a government computer so that the I.P. address will be guv-ment.

  • Watch it

    It’s not the people who vote that counts it’s the people who count the votes?  ~ Joseph Stalin.
    The Obama Administration has assured his re-election

    The company, SCYTL an international venture capital firm with ties to the Spanish government  who bought SOE (leading election management software provider in the US), is tied to Goldman Sachs,  Obama’s campaign financing and George Soros.  Now why would this give anyone cause for concern? Remember the electronic voting systems in DC were easily hacked in the last mid terms. Recount? No can do. All the while  AG Holder is fighting anti-voting fraud legislation in several states  Obama has an assured win.

    You must hear this:

  • Anonymous

    Ditto JohnS’s sentiments!   This MUST END NOW!   Start making noise people because the fix may already be in for the next election if SCYTL are allowed to tabulate our votes.  NEVER should any foreign country be in charge of counting our votes.   NEVER!  

  • Jo

    The owners of this company are HUGE Obama donors, with ties to George Soros ….. Think there will be voter fraud here ….. and no way to get a re-count.  This is one way to steal the election – just give your backers the ability to control the votes.  A company in Spain handling our votes in the United States ….. this man will stoop to any lengths to steal this next election, including stirring up racial strife or going to war with Iran.

    • lokiswife

      Forward the story out to anyone you know who is concerned about what is going on and ask them to forward it out. The media is blacking out any stories unfavorable to Obama, but we can get them out and keep them circulating. The problem is that the Dems have nothing they can brag about and everything to lie about, minimize or cover up and the media is very accomodating.

  • Louise Lancieri Marshall

    Don’t leave the polling box until you confirm your vote and ask for a receipt.

  • Paul

    Former Goldman veterans own and control Scytl. Scytl is owned and controlled by a venture capital firm, Balderton, a venture capital firm that is run by Goldman Sachs veterans Tim Bunting and Mark Evans.

    Scytl is in a unique position to not only control and tabulate the votes of U.S elections (in a foreign country, separate from U.S. law and oversight), but also control e-polls as well. And all of the control is backed by Goldman Sachs veterans.

    Goldman Sachs is a parasite on government. The fact that so many former Goldman Sachs employees have gone on to hold pivotal positions in the US Treasury, Federal Reserve, or as regulators is evidence of a captured government. Goldman Sachs is Mitt Romney’s largest campaign contributor.

    Knowing that former Goldman Sachs veterans have an ownership interest in a foreign company that tabulates votes in the United States is very alarming to any American who is concerned about open and transparent elections!

    • Vegas

       And GS is also one of the largest contributors to Barack Obama. In fact, Wall Street donated more money to BHO than they did to the GOP.
      Wall Street likes “big government”. It guarantees their return on investment at the public’s expense.
      With an Obama/Romney match-up you have a competition between two people who will be competing for their master’s favor.
      You will find that the CEO of Scytl gave maximum contribution to Barack Obama’s inauguration fund.
      If you aren’t for liberty and freedom before party affiliation, soon you will lose that liberty and freedom that you have left.

    • D Miller

      Hello?  I immensely dislike Goldman as well, but how about some links to factual background.  For once, please prove to me that Goldman is Romney’s biggest contributor.  Hint – THEY ARE NOT, and not even close.  I’m sure some Goldman employees and alums have given to Romney, but that could be said about every single candidate that’s been in the race thus far.

    • Laura StraightUp

      Either Goldman Sachs is a major contributor to Obama’s Camp OR Romney’s, If they contribute to both and they have control over Scytl, then it should be a “fair and ridiculous” joke on us.  WTF?  We KNOW BHO is a whore and can be bought by ANYONE… even if they have complete opposite sides of the spectrum conflicts of interest, he’ll just tell them when the mic’s supposedly off, when he’s dictator, he’ll do whatever he wants, including taking their money and telling them to take a flying leap over the crashed dollar.    Either way, this Barcelona Spain thing is beyond a wild joke on us.  There’s NO WAY..  If Michigan’s University students can hack into that system,  then so can The Obama’s dog.  They try to make it appear to be a domestic company, but again, appearances and words are LIES.  This hasn’t made it onto any news outlet, there’s a reason for that… They wouldn’t have an election to cover, and polls and stats, and debates, it’d be moot.  This off shoring of the election will give the GOP and this country’s freedoms the BOOT.  May as well shut it down, grab as much ammo, firearms, and stock up, because The DHS and ICE has contracted with a company that makes Ammo..  .40 caliber hollow points, (illegal for use in combat, and never used for training) 450 million rounds..To start in June 2012. That contracts terms are for the first year starting in June of this one, then four “Optional years”, which means 450 million rounds could be used against us by Obama’s foreign military, already on American soil, ready to turn on us when the economy crashes, (the dollar falls off the world reserve currency market, and all Hell breaks loose.  Congress, and Constitutional Law suspended, Martial law invoked, no election, and there he is, The King on his throne… We’re so screwed if we don’t jump on our Second Amendment Rights before he writes them off the books.  We have a right to bear arms to protect ourselves from an out of control, tyrannical Government.   We’re THERE NOW.  Time to get it together, by June, the outsourced in military of foreign men will be heavily armed for domestic uprisings, and a revolution or any defense for the people will be squashed.   Unbelievable that we’re in this mess.  The USA taken hostage and being dismantled in no time at all.. They’ll fight to stay in power. If they lose, they lose it all.   If the GOP wins, which obviously won’t happen no matter how many more vote them in, the Crooks including Eric “Strangle” Holder and his Gangster Barackateer Owebomba boss will be looking at some time in Club Fed, and serious financial consequences.. They’ll fight tooth and nail to avoid that humiliation.   

  • Surinderjit Singh

    Simple Solution: Create ‘NOT VOTING 2012 nation-wide list’ and publish it, if you can enroll above 25% then there is no chance of VOTING/ELECTION FRAUD since it can’t take pace until we have accountability.….html?currentSplittedPage=0 

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  • Anonymous

    WHY is this not being reported anywhere else???? Please PASS THIS ARTICLE AROUND!

    • Sheree

      sending it viral by a Canadian to American family/friends= this is treason far as I’m concerned

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  • Terry Krepel

    Why has the version of this article at WND been changed without an explanatory note attached to explain why Klein’s desperate guilt-by-association attack on Bob McCarthy has been removed? Since Klein Online is operated by WND, you’d think they’d be identical.

    Also, despite what the headline claims, Klein makes no allegation of “bias” — even when he was suggesting that McCarthy’s presence as one board member of one of three venture capital firms behind SCYTL would somehow result in election results being manipulated to the benefit of Obama and Democrats. Questions about security are not “bias” issues.

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  • JohnS — white

    Why in the HELL are we outsourcing the most important facet of our liberties, the right and duty to vote, to some foreign entity?!  This must end NOW!

    • Anonymous

      Stop asking stupid questions for chrissakes!

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