Is this the next American ally to fall?: King fearful Islamists may soon wrest control


By Aaron Klein

JERUSALEM — The Israeli government is concerned instability can threaten the rule of Jordan’s King Abdullah II, committing to quietly work with the king on security matters, according to a top Palestinian Authority official.

Abdullah himself fears for his future rule, the PA official said, citing the possibility of a Muslim Brotherhood-inspired revolution aimed at toppling the Jordanian regime.

Abdullah is largely considered a moderate Arab leader. He is a staunch U.S ally whose country maintains a peace treaty with Israel.

Yesterday, Abdullah made a rare visit to Ramallah to meet with PA President President Mahmoud ahead of the Palestinian leader’s planned meeting later this week with Hamas chief Khaled Meshal to discuss a future Palestinian national unity government.

The Jordanian king has not visited the West Bank in over five years – throughout Abbas’ presidency.

According to the top PA security official speaking to KleinOnline, Abdullah expressed concern about the possibility of Hamas assuming control of the West Bank, which borders Jordan.

Abdullah further told Abbas he was concerned the Palestinian leader’s drive for the unilateral recognition of a state at the United Nations will fail, precipitating unrest in the West Bank that could spill over into Jordan, the official said.

The Palestinian security official said Israeli security agencies have been quietly working with Jordan to help strengthen Abdullah’s regime, including suppressing threats to the Jordanian kingdom.

The official said the Jordan monarchy has identified three main threats:

*The Muslim Brotherhood, acting within Jordan.

*Bedouin tribes in the east of the country who aim to topple Abdullah.

*Remnants of a group of Jordanian intelligence officers expelled after attempting to plot a coup d’etat against Abdullah.

The official told KleinOnline that the Jordanian government doesn’t have any specific information the three elements are currently working together.

Still, the official said Jordan is worried a “big wave” of anti-regime protests will sweep the country in the future.

Similar unrest is threatening the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, as revolutions already toppled the rulers of Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya.

In Egypt, Islamists oriented with the Muslim Brotherhood have been leading mass protests in recent days calling for the country’s army to lessen its control. The Egyptian army, build with billions in U.S. financial aid, is considered one of the last bastions of pro-Western sentiment in the country after the downfall of Hosni Mubarak.

  • Flem Williams

    Listen Up!

    Kudos to the Jordanian King, his family, and country.

    If the Palestinian rubbish and their cohorts should attack, just do as your father did by killing the misfits