Obama ex-pastor offers sanctuary for Occupy protesters. Calls on churches nationwide to open 'basements and halls'


By Aaron Klein

A recent member of President Obama’s White House faith council has offered his parish as sanctuary to Occupy protesters, calling on churches nationwide to similarly open their doors.

“It’s time to invite the Occupy Movement to church!” wrote Jim Wallis, founder of Sojourners, a ministry professing a devotion to the pursuit of “social justice.”

Wallis penned an article in his church’s magazine, also entitled Sojourners, calling for a “church sanctuary for the Occupy movement.”

Wallis was appointed in February 2009 to the Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, a White House group replete with advocates for using religion to advance “social justice.” Each council appointee serves a one year term.

Wallis reportedly is a spiritual adviser to Obama and has known the president for years.

Writing in his magazine, Wallis suggested that Thanksgiving is the “perfect occasion” for churches to aid the Occupy movement.

“Open our church basements and parish halls as safe places to sleep — shelter and sanctuary as cold weather descends upon many of our cities,” he wrote.

“The Occupy movement needs a sanctuary. And what better safe and welcome place could these young people find than with communities of faith?

“As we provide that safe sanctuary for a new generation of protesters who dream of a better world, let us also engage them in the spirituality of the change they seek.”

Continued Wallis: “Concentrations of wealth and power, unfairness in our political process, the loss of opportunity — especially for the next generation — and the alarming rise of poverty in the world’s richest nation are all fundamental concerns for people of faith.”

“So let’s invite the young occupiers into our churches and ministries for good conversation and a great meal,” he added.

Wallis recommended churches provide Turkey dinner to the Occupiers, remarking the protesters are likely sick of pizza.

He blasted New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for clearing out Zuccotti Park of protesters earlier this week.

“Bloomberg is the poster child for the ‘1 percent,’’ wrote Wallis.  “He is the archetypal wealthy man who bought political power, and the uprising in his city to challenge what he himself stands for has made the mayor uncomfortable about the protests since the beginning.”

Wallis is founder of the Sojourners ministry as well as a progressive magazine also titled Sojourners.

The Associated Baptist Press described Wallis as a “politically progressive evangelical and longtime advocate for the poor.”

The Huffington Post identified Wallis as a “Christian author and social-justice advocate.”

  • Alice


  • Alice

    Sojourners is connected to Soros. Everything about ows is connected to Soros.

  • dd

    He could invite them over to his house.

  • samey

    like the expose occupy section.

  • http://yahoo emwolb

    I have a hard time believing that Jesus was a communist.

  • Jack Daniels


    Sojourner is turning over in her grave. Not only is the Guy most likely on drugs, but he is probably looking for a kid! Single Women should be aware of nuts like this. Who claim to work with little boys as a father figure, but like you said he is a wolf in sheeps clothing!n Men like Wallis are raping our kids, using their rich donations to ruin their futures. Rich contributors; nonbelievers like Wallis! As a matter of fact this guy isn’t a leader in his church; this guy is leading people to HELL with a one way ticket!

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  • Vixen

    @Jack Daniels:
    Interesting that you mentioned Wallis’ eyes and the question about his possibly being on drugs. I’ve always said he has the eyes of an alcoholic. At any rate, he’s definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Can’t be Marxist and Christian at the same time…

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  • jim langdon

    Jim Wallis can let them crap on the floor, shoot-up smack and cuss in his church… He deserves this bunch.

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  • Jack Daniels

    I looked this guy up! What type of weirdos are attending First Baptist Church of the City of Washington where this nuts current “parish”. But is a baptist church which is located on the lower 16th Corridor. I can understand why Obama gave him the boot off the Advisory Council; he doesn’t understand the difference between baptist and parish. Parish; are Catholics. He also doesn’t understand the difference between cleaniliness is next to Godliiness to the dirty basement with political occupants at GODS Churches! What a Day? What a Nut? What stupid church leaders if they follow behind this unGodly devil! This guy is not the guy to invite to dinner. He may bring the wondering foes!

  • Paul

    This religious guy either hasn’t read his bible or hasn’t understood it.
    One of the commandments is to not covet anything that is thy neighbors. Occupiers that want a free handout or to ‘spread the wealth’ are coveting what belongs to their neighbors, whether or not the neighbors acquired it through hard work or shady dealings.
    Jesus did not teach social justice by force of arms or government. When he told the rich man to sell all his goods, give the money to the poor, and follow Him, it was to be a voluntary act on the rich man’s part. It was the rich man’s choice to hold onto his riches and burn in hell or to help his poor neighbor, not the choice of the mob to deprive him of his riches for their own selfish benefit.

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  • Ace

    There will need to be a sanctuary the size of Chicaho when Civil War II breaks out.

  • Say what

    90%+ of the occupiers either don’t believe in God or are anti-Christian. They will not show up. Even to a fake progressive church.

  • Jack Daniels

    This guy has got to be kidding. Hello, we have bed bugs! This is a political movement. Does this guy want the churches to loose their 501 ( C) (3) status; just for his photo opt. I can understand why he is a former member of the Obama’s Advisory Council/Faith-Base; he will send us all to HELL. This guy is nuts and looking at his eyes; is he on drugs?

  • Wired

    I can just imagine what the OWM protestors are saying, “Peace rally at Wallis’ church, bring yer own dope!”

  • jnsesq

    Perfect! Stores the stench where it belongs.

  • SGB

    The Marxists and the racists are out in force.