Hamas already plotting to nab more Jews: Emboldened by release of over 1,000 terrorists for one Israeli soldier.


By Aaron Klein

On the very day Israel and Hamas agreed to a prisoner exchange, Hamas took a formal decision to kidnap more Israeli soldiers, according to a top leader of the Islamist group’s so-called military wing.

Abu Abdullah, of Hamas’ Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, told KleinOnline that last Thursday, Hamas “military wing” appointed a new team to draft plans to kidnap more Israeli soldiers in the future.

Last Thursday, Israel and Hamas reached a deal, finalized this past Sunday, for the release of Gilad Shalit, kidnapped by Hamas in 2006, in exchange for the freedom of some 1,027 Palestinian terrorists in Israeli jails.

On Tuesday, the deal was carried out, with Shalit now back in Israel.

On Sunday, KleinOnline reported the chief of Hamas in the Gaza Strip stated in an interview the exchange emboldens his group to kidnap more Israelis to extract further concessions from the Jewish state.

Mahmoud al-Zahar was asked  in a radio interview whether the exchange demonstrates value in nabbing Israeli soldiers.

The Hamas chieftain replied: “Then Palestinian Authority in Ramallah negotiated for many years and they failed to release anybody. Now by the kidnapping (of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit) and the release, the Palestinian people succeeded to set free this number (of prisoners) by this way.”

He continued, “I think it’s good for the Israelis to think thoroughly solve the problem smoothly and not to give a chance for the repetition of this event. It is wise for the Israelis to schedule the release of the rest of the Palestinians.”

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  • Barry

    As a Canadian Jew who has supported Israel in a variety of ways, I am dismayed.

    The release of 1,100 Arab terrorist prisoners for Gilad Shalit was too high a price and goes against every fiber of my moral being.  It forces me to take a hard look at my commitment to Israel.

    Now I’m reading where Bibi may have done it for the polling value, which if true, would make me sick.

    When Sharon uplifted Jewish families from Gaza amidst all the protests, I was equally mystified. Slowly after that event I began to hear stories that the real reason he forced the evacuation was to appease the Israeli press and have them stop going after his son. Sharon’s son, you might remember, was being accused of crimes and the press was all over him.

    If the allegations made against Sharon are true, and I’ve repeatedly been told they are, it makes me sick.

    And if Bibi did something equally immoral, then a mortal wound to my support of Israel has occurred.

    I’ve been defending Israel for years, writing letters to newspapers and blogs, donatiang money and meeting with other like minded people to find ways to help our brethren in Israel, confident that I was speaking the truth and supporting the good guys. I felt as if this was a noblel thing to do.

    Yet if Israeli society and it’s representative government have sunk to these levels, I cannot any longer support the country with the same resolve. That means financial, moral and other tangible means of support.

    I believe I am not alone. My spirit has been wounded and I don’t expect it to recover fully from this debacle.

    And of course now I am reading how Hamas plans to kidnap more Israelis, which is not surprising in light of what occurred.

    My world is upside down, my respect has been cut in half, my admiration for Netanyahu is in the dirt.

    This is not how things were supposed to turn out.

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